Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Fork Ratings for Restaurant Reviews

Eat Right Knox's spin on restaurant ratings was inspired by the usual restaurant reviews but ours adds a health piece. Our Five Fork Ratings are based on defined "healthy" criteria and the RD's overall experience at the restaurant. We also ask our reviewers to give the location of the restaurant and the type of dining it provides. The reviews are here to serve as a fun, simple way to learn more about healthy dining in Knoxville.. and give you a glimpse of how RDs order at some of their favorite restaurants.

Continue to check back for our "What Does the Dietitian Order?" Restaurant Reviews!

- The Eat Right Knox Blog Team

You can learn more about the rating system and our healthy criteria.

Our criteria for the Five Fork Ratings are simple:
  • Are non-fried appetizers available? (yes = 1 fork)
  • Are special orders/requests for dish modifications, such as no butter or sauce on the side, allowed? (yes = 1 fork)
  • Does the restaurant charge extra to modify menu items or substitute for healthy side dishes? (no = 1 fork)
  • Are there at least three non-salad entrees that meet the Eat Right Knox "healthy" criteria*? (yes = 1 fork)
  • Are the menu and/or nutrition facts available online or in-store? (yes = 1 fork)

*Non-salad entrees that are deemed "healthy" must be non-fried and include at least 1 of the following:
  • 1 fruit/vegetable
  • 1 source of lean protein (skinless chicken, lean cuts of beef/pork, fish, seafood, tofu, beans)
  • 1 source of whole grains

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